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Energy Federation EPA Programs

Energy Federation, Inc. is both a WaterSense® and ENERGY STAR® partner, programs developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help increase awareness and use of WaterSense labeled and ENERGY STAR certified products.

EPA’s WaterSense program aims to preserve water resources for future generations, reducing water and wastewater infrastructure costs by reducing unnecessary water consumption. As a WaterSense partner EFI works to educate the public about the value of water, water efficiency, and the WaterSense brand. Whenever possible EFI leverages utility-sponsored financial incentives to stimulate purchases of WaterSense labeled products. EFI has been a WaterSense partner since 2010.

EPA’s ENERGY STAR program helps individuals and businesses save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. Since 1992 this voluntary EPA initiative has become a national platform and catalyst to deliver real energy efficiency by addressing key market barriers, with 85% of Americans now recognizing the ENERGY STAR mark. As an ENERGY STAR partner EFI selects and purchases ENERGY STAR certified products for use in our programs, presents the ENERGY STAR name and mark in conjunction with qualifying products, and works to build and maintain the meaning of the ENERGY STAR mark as a trustworthy symbol that makes it easy for Americans to make a change for the better. EFI has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2002.